Bruk (Dzierzgoń)

Bruk (deutsch Bruch) ist ein Ort in der polnischen Woiwodschaft Pommern und gehört zur Stadt- und Landgemeinde Dzierzgoń (Christburg) im Powiat Sztumski (Stuhm). Bruk ist Sitz eines Schulzenamtes, dem auch die Nachbarorte Pawłowo (Petershof) und Piaski Sztumskie (Sandhuben) zugeordnet sind.

Bruk liegt 18 Kilometer nordöstlich der Kreisstadt Sztum (Stuhm) im äußersten Osten der Woiwodschaft Pommern an einer Nebenstraße, die Dzierzgoń (Christburg) über die Woiwodschaftsstraße 515 mit Budzisz (Budisch) und Żuławka Sztumska (Posilge) verbindet. Die ehemals bestehende Staatsbahnstrecke von Małdyty (Maldeuten) nach Malbork (Marienburg) mit der nächsten Bahnstation in Dzierzgoń ist nicht mehr in Betrieb.

Das Gutsdorf wird seit 1409 erwähnt, im Jahre 1645 als Bruck und noch vor 1871 mit dem Zusatz Adlig. Am 7. Mai 1874 wurde das Dorf namensgebender Ort und Verwaltungssitz des neu errichteten Amtsbezirks Bruch im Landkreis Stuhm im Regierungsbezirk Marienwerder der preußischen Provinz Westpreußen (1919 bis 1939 Regierungsbezirk Westpreußen in der Provinz Ostpreußen, 1939 bis 1945 Regierungsbezirk Marienwerder im Reichsgau Danzig-Westpreußen).

Am 1. Dezember 1910 zählte der Gutsbezirk Bruch 138 Einwohner. Damals gehörte bereits der Nachbarort Bebersbruch (polnisch: Bobrowo) dazu. Im Jahre 1928 wurde der Gutsbezirk Bruch in eine Landgemeinde umgewandelt und die Dörfer Bruch’sche Niederung (Bruckie Żuławy), Czeskawolla (polnisch: Kczewska Wola), Petershof (Pawłowo) und Sandhuben (Piaski Sztumskie) eingemeindet. Die Einwohnerzahl stieg bis 1933 auf 303 und betrug 1939 305.

Infolge des Zweiten Weltkrieges kam Bruch zu Polen und erhielt die polnische Bezeichnung Bruk. Heute ist das Dorf Sitz eines Schulzenamtes innerhalb der Gmina Dzierzgoń im Powiat Sztumski der Woiwodschaft Pommern (1975–1998 Woiwodschaft Elbląg).

Zwischen 1874 und 1945 bildeten mehrere Ortschaften den Amtsbezirk Bruch:

Gehörten 1874 noch elf kommunale Einheiten zum Amtsbezirk Bruch, waren es am 1. Januar 1945 nur noch vier: Ankemitt, Bruch, Neuhöferfelde und Polixen.

Das damalige Bruch und das heutige Bruk war bzw. ist kein Kirchdorf. Die Kirchenmitglieder waren und sind anderweitigen Pfarrorten zugeordnet.

Bis 1945 gehörte Bruch zum evangelischen Kirchspiel Lichtfelde (heute polnisch: Jasna) im Kirchenkreis Marienwerder (Kwidzyn) in der Kirchenprovinz Westpreußen (ab 1939 Kirchenprovinz Ostpreußen) der Kirche der Altpreußischen Union. Heute liegt Bruk im Einzugsbereich der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche in Pasłęk (Preußisch Holland), einer Filialkirche von Ostróda (Osterode) in der Diözese Masuren der Evangelisch-Augsburgischen Kirche in Polen.

Vor 1945 waren die katholischen Kirchenglieder Bruchs in die Pfarrei Posilge (heute polnisch: Żuławka Sztumska) eingegliedert, die zum Bistum Ermland gehörte. Heute ist das Nachbardorf Bągart (Baumgarth) Pfarrort, der zum Dekanat Dzierzgoń (Christburg) im Bistum Elbląg (Elbing) der Katholischen Kirche in Polen gehört.

Palace of Linares

The Palace of Linares (Spanish: Palacio de Linares) is a palace located in Madrid, Spain. It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1976.

According to the rumour mill in Madrid, Linares Palace lock up the ghosts of the first Marquis de Linares, like that of a child, their daughter. According to this legend, José de Murga y Reolid would have confessed to his father, the rich merchant Mateo Murga y Michelena, he fell in love with a poor girl, Raimunda Osorio, presumably daughter of a cigarette seller. By knowing your father the name of the young, horrified, he would have sent his son to London in order to make him forget that young lady. The reason for his fear would be given by the fact that humble girl would have been the fruit of extramarital love by Mateo himself and therefore both lovers were half brothers.

The legend places Mateo died and the young newlyweds. In such a situation José would have found a letter from his father addressed to him in which he explained the reasons for his opposition to such a relationship. Jose and Raimunda, aware of the incestuous sin allegedly committed, would have been addressed to Pope Pius IX, who eventually would have granted a papal bull called Casti convivere, that is, to live together but in chastity. However, the love they have made them overlook their relationship half brothers and have engendered a daughter, who allegedly murdered as a child to avoid a scandal. Such daughter, Raimundita would have been walled or drowned and buried in the palace itself and, according to this legend, today, her spirit paces the great halls of the old palace singing children’s songs and calling their parents.

Long Spruce Generating Station

Long Spruce Generating Station is a run-of-the-river hydroelectric dam on the Nelson River approximately 745 kilometres (463 mi) northeast of Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

It was Manitoba Hydro’s fourth generating station to be built on the Nelson River, which flows from Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay. The station was built on Long Spruce Rapids. The site is approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi) east of Gillam, Manitoba and is 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) downstream of Manitoba Hydro’s Kettle Generating Station.

The dam is owned and operated by Manitoba Hydro. Its ten turbine-generator units give it a generating capacity of 1,010 megawatts (1,350,000 hp) and annual generation around 5.8 terawatt-hours (21 PJ) terawatt-hours. Each unit produces around 100 megawatts (130,000 hp) with an operating head of 26 metres (85 ft) and flow of 458 cubic metres per second (16,200 cu ft/s) cubic metres per second. The first concrete for the structures was placed in 1974, with first power delivered in 1977. The station was completed in 1979 at a cost of $CDN 508 million.



The Golden Forum (Chinese: 香港高登討論區) is a popular Internet forum for topics related to computer hardware and software, among Internet users in Hong Kong. It has also become a more general Internet community. It is part of, a computer information portal named after the Golden Computer Centre – a shopping centre of computer products in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.[citation needed] Access to the website is blocked to users in the Chinese Mainland by the Great Firewall of China.

In the late 1990s, due to the popularity of the Internet, competition drove stores online. In an effort to protect consumers, the traders‘ association of the Golden Computer Centre launched the website with information about computer hardware and software prices, thus increasing the transparency of the marketplace.[citation needed]

In the early 2000s, a discussion forum was launched to complement the website. It was originally open in structure and without topic demarcation, and destined for computing matters. Very soon, its topics became broader-based, the discussion area segregated into „computing“ and „chill“ areas, each with their own topics or „stations“. On-line discussion groups formed. The community, formed by ordinary citizens as well as computer geeks, would be interested in all manner of local topics. In the course of discussions, slang would be widely employed. Neologisms would often develop, and these would quickly pass virally into colloquial usage.[citation needed]

Topics are themed by hobby groups, and include ‚Movies‘, ‚Photography‘, ‚Motoring‘, ‚Music‘, ‚Finance‘, ‚Sport‘, ‚Political‘ , etc. Although the name „Hong Kong Golden Forum“ applies to the whole, this name is now usually synonymous with the „Off-topic station“ within the forum due to its runaway popularity. At one time, forum members formed themselves into registered cliques, the most prominent ones being „Big mouth“ and „DIY“. HKgolden has become an influential media from which topics and exclusive news are frequently being reported on magazine and newspaper. Many people believe that reporters, police and even government may be active in the forum to investigate popular culture and public opinion.[citation needed]

In 2003, the website was sold to Fevaworks by the owner. In July 2003, the database was severely corrupted following a hacking incident, and the website had to be closed for maintenance until 25 August of that year, when the forum was once again re-opened.[citation needed]

Since the incident, a number of changes were instigated:

The forum still repeatedly suffers from hacking, the last provoked stoppage occurred on 8 September 2006.[citation needed]

On 2009, the forum leaked a six minutes detail video involving teenage prostitution on a double-decker bus for HK$200 to raise money for designer handbag. This led to local police launching a criminal investigation.

In Hong Kong, it was reported that Golden Forum was the most visited place for technology brand related discussions with 87,291 posts in a single discussion channel within three months. Twitter remained as second destination with 27,236 posts. The local Eyny Forum followed with 8,683 posts. Yahoo! HK forum was at fourth with 7,538 posts.

Hernandez (wrestler)

Shawn Hernandez (born February 11, 1973) is an American professional wrestler, best known for his time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring name Hernandez. He is an eight-time former world tag team champion, having held the TNA World Tag Team Championship five times, the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice and the IWA World Tag Team Championship once.

Hernandez is also the co-promoter of the Houston, Texas-based promotion Latino Wrestling Entertainment (LWE).

Following the end of his Arena Football career, Hernandez trained under Tugboat Taylor and later under Rudy Boy Gonzalez in the Texas Wrestling Academy. He debuted in Texas All-Star Wrestling in November 1996.

In 2000 and 2001 Hernandez worked for the World Wrestling Federation as a jobber, appearing on episodes of WWF Jakked and in dark matches. He also wrestled dark matches for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and competed for Texas All Star Wrestling, Extreme Texas Wrestling and NWA Southwest. He also toured Japan on numerous occasions and worked for Ring of Honor in 2003.

In 2001, Hernandez began wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance. At the October 13, 2001 NWA Anniversary Show in St. Petersburg, Florida he defeated Kevin Northcutt to win the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. He held the title for over a year before losing to Ricky Murdock on January 11, 2003 in Greenville, Missouri. Hernandez defeated Jorge Estrada for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship on May 3, 2003 in Cornelia, Georgia. On September 28, 2003 in Hawaii, he lost the title to J.T. Wolfen.

Hernandez debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on the November 22, 2003 episode of TNA Xplosion, losing to Shane Douglas. He returned to TNA on June 16, 2004 as one-third of „The Elite Guard“, a trio of mercenaries working for Jeff Jarrett after his first King of the Mountain match victory. The Elite Guard (Hernandez, Chad Collyer and Onyx) feuded with the 3Live Kru over the next two months. On July 14, 2004, Jarrett, The Elite Guard and Ken Shamrock lost to Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zbyszko and the 3Live Kru in a ten-man tag team bout. The Elite Guard remained with TNA until September 2004, when all three wrestlers were released.

Upon his departure from TNA, Hernandez worked on the Texas independent circuit throughout 2005. In March 2006, he signed a new contract with TNA. He returned on the March 31, 2006 episode of TNA Xplosion as the newest member of the heel stable The Latin American Xchange (LAX), teaming with Homicide and being managed by Konnan. On the August 24, 2006 episode of TNA Impact!, Hernandez and Homicide defeated A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels in a Border Brawl for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Styles and Daniels regained the title from Hernandez and Homicide in an Ultimate X match on September 24, 2006 at No Surrender, but Hernandez and Homicide won the title back on October 22, 2006 at Bound for Glory inside the Six Sides of Steel. After winning the title back, they engaged in a feud with America’s Most Wanted, defeating them in a match at Genesis and then a flag match at Turning Point. Their next rivalry involved Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray), and, after winning three consecutive matches at Final Resolution (by disqualification), Against All Odds (in a Little Italy Street fight) and Destination X (in a Ghetto Brawl), lost the NWA tag-team championships to Team 3D at Lockdown in an Electrified Cage match, when Homicide was pinned. When Konnan left TNA in the summer of 2007, both Hernandez and Homicide turned face and at Bound for Glory defeated Senshi and Elix Skipper of Triple X in an Ultimate X match to get back in the tag team title picture. They would receive their shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship on the November 1 episode of Impact!, but were defeated by the defending champions A.J. Styles and Tomko.

In 2008 LAX got another title shot by beating The Rock ’n Rave Infection (Jimmy Rave and Lance Rock) and The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) at Destination X and cashed it in in a three-way match on the April 17 episode of Impact! against the Tag Team Champions A.J. Styles and Tomko and the team that ended up winning the match, Eric Young/Super Eric and Kaz. The controversial ending of this match led to the title being vacated and being put up for grabs in a tournament. At Sacrifice, LAX, with their new manager Hector Guerrero in their corner, won the vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship, after defeating Team 3D in the finals of the „Deuces Wild Tournament“. LAX lost the title at Hard Justice to Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode).

At the second Final Resolution pay-per-view of 2008 both Hernandez and Homicide each captured a briefcase from the „Feast or Fired“ match which contained a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for Hernandez and a shot at the TNA X Division Championship for Homicide. On a January 15 episode of TNA Impact, Hernandez cashed in his „Feast or Fired“ World Title shot against Sting, and won by disqualification when The Main Event Mafia interfered, which meant that he did not win the title. However, executive shareholder Mick Foley ruled that because of the interference Hernandez would receive another TNA Title Shot in the future. On the April 30, episode of Impact!, Hernandez was attacked by the debuting British Invasion faction of Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Rob Terry, to allow him time off to recover from a legitimate neck surgery.

On the July 23 episode of Impact! Hernandez returned to aid Homicide, who was being attacked by Samoa Joe and Taz. A week later, on July 30, he defeated Joe in his return match with a top rope splash. At Hard Justice Hernandez regained his „Feast or Fired“ briefcase from the British Invasion by defeating Rob Terry in nine seconds. On the September 10 episode of Impact!, Homicide turned heel by betraying Hernandez and joining World Elite, thus signaling the official end of the Latin American Xchange. At No Surrender Hernandez cashed in his „Feast or Fired“ briefcase, but was unable to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the 5-way main event match after World Elite leader Eric Young interfered and took him out of the match. At Bound for Glory, Hernandez was unsuccessful in capturing the TNA Legends Championship in a three-way match, involving champion Kevin Nash and Eric Young, after Young turned on Nash and captured the title.

Since then Hernandez teamed up with Matt Morgan and D’Angelo Dinero and moved on to feuding with Rhino and Team 3D, who accused TNA of favoring the younger talent of the company. At Turning Point Rhino and Team 3D defeated Morgan, Hernandez and Dinero in a street fight. At Final Resolution Morgan, Hernandez, Dinero and Suicide defeated Neal, Team 3D and Rhino in an eight-man elimination tag team match. On the January 4, 2010, live, three-hour, Monday night episode of Impact! Hernandez and Morgan defeated Dr. Stevie and Raven to become the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Champions British Invasion. At Genesis Hernandez and Morgan defeated the British Invasion to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. At Against All Odds as part of the 8 Card Stud Tournament Hernandez and Morgan were forced to face each other in the first round. Morgan defeated Hernandez by taking advantage of his injured shoulder and pinning him, while grabbing a hold of his trunks. At Destination X Hernandez and Morgan retained the Tag Team Title in a match against Beer Money despite plenty of miscommunication between the two champions. After the match Morgan nailed Hernandez with the Carbon Footprint. The following day on Impact! Morgan defeated Hernandez via referee stoppage after sandwiching his head between his boot and the ring post. After the match Homicide came out to check on his former partner, who was being helped by medics. TNA later reported on Hernandez’s kayfabe injuries, claiming that he had suffered a herniated disc and cervical damage to his neck in the assault and will be out of action indefinitely. The neck injury storyline was created so Hernandez could work in Mexico for three months.

With Hernandez scheduled to miss months of action, Morgan declared himself the sole World Tag Team Champion on the April 5 episode of Impact! and TNA went along with this and no longer recognized Hernandez as a champion.

Hernandez’s return to TNA was hinted at on the June 3 episode of Impact!, when Matt Morgan was distracted by somebody in the crowd which cost him a four-way match with Samoa Joe, Sting and the winner of the match, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam. The camera’s immediately showed what was distracting Morgan, but nobody could clearly see who it was, although Taz and Mike Tenay believed it to be Hernandez. The following week, Hernandez made his official return by attacking Morgan, leading to a match between the two at Slammiversary VIII. The match at Slammiversary VIII ended in Hernandez being disqualified for assaulting the referee, when he was being reprimanded for going too violently after Morgan. The following month at Victory Road Hernandez defeated Morgan in a Steel Cage match to end the feud. In November it was reported that Hernandez had turned down TNA’s request for him to return to the promotion from his stint in Mexico.

Hernandez returned to TNA from his stint in Mexico at the February 1, 2011, tapings of the February 10 episode of Impact!. He made his return as a heel, when he was hired by Eric Bischoff to „hurt a few people“ for his Immortal stable. Hernandez then re–ignited his feud with the now–face Matt Morgan by costing him the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a match against Mr. Anderson. On February 13 at Against All Odds Hernandez explained the change in his attitude by claiming that in the United States he was treated like a second class citizen, while in Mexico he was treated like a star. On the following episode of Impact!, Hernandez aligned himself with Sarita and Rosita. On the March 3 episode of Impact! Hernandez was defeated by Morgan via disqualification. On March 13 at Victory Road, Hernandez defeated Morgan in a First Blood match, after using fake blood on him, following a run–in from a planted fan. On the following episode of Impact!, the alliance of Hernandez, Sarita and Rosita was named Mexican America. The three of them were then defeated in a six-person street fight by Morgan, Angelina Love and Winter. After the match, the „fan“, who had interfered in the match at Victory Road, once again entered the ring and attacked Morgan. On the March 24 episode of Impact!, he was officially presented as the newest member of Mexican America and named Anarquia. On April 17 at Lockdown, Morgan defeated Hernandez in a steel cage match to win the feud. After defeating Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) at Sacrifice and the team of Alex Shelley and TNA World Tag Team Champion James Storm on the June 9 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Anarquia began demanding a tag team title shot, claiming that they were held back because of their race. On the July 14 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Anarquia defeated The British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus), with help from Rosita, to become the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Hernandez and Anarquia received their shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship on August 7 at Hardcore Justice, but were defeated by the defending champions, Beer Money, Inc. Two days later, at the tapings of the August 18 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Anarquia defeated Beer Money, Inc. in a rematch, following interference from the „Mexican Heavyweight Champion“ Jeff Jarrett, to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. On September 11 at No Surrender, Hernandez and Anarquia successfully defended the title against D’Angelo Dinero and Devon, following interference from Rosita and Sarita. Later that month, Mexican America began feuding with Ink Inc., stemming from their match at Sacrifice in May, where Hernandez had legitimately injured Jesse Neal. On October 16, during the Bound for Glory Preshow, Mexican America successfully defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Ink Inc. The following month at Turning Point, Anarquia, Hernandez and Sarita defeated Ink Inc.’s Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore and Toxxin in a six-person tag team match to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Anarquia lost the TNA World Tag Team Championship to Crimson and Matt Morgan. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Arnaquia failed to regain the title in a rematch. After spending three months off television, Hernandez returned on the March 22, 2012, episode of Impact Wrestling, when he and Anarquia unsuccessfully challenged Magnus and Samoa Joe for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. In April, Anarquia was released from his TNA contract, thus ending his partnership with Hernandez. According to Hernandez, TNA wanted to create a more stereotypical stable, but Hernandez refused to use Mexican jargon, so TNA gave the promos to Anarquia.

Following Anarquia’s departure, Hernandez remained inactive, before returning on June 10 at Slammiversary, which took place in his homestate of Texas, defeating Kid Kash in a singles match. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez unsuccessfully challenged Devon for the TNA Television Championship. On June 28, Hernandez confirmed that he had signed a one-year contract extension with TNA. On the July 26 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez aligned himself with the debuting Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by saving him from Gunner and Kid Kash. On August 12 at Hardcore Justice, Hernandez and Guerrero defeated Gunner and Kash in a tag team match. On the September 6 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Guerrero, after being hand-picked by Hulk Hogan as the number one contenders, unsuccessfully challenged Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. On October 14 at Bound for Glory, Hernandez and Guerrero defeated Daniels and Kazarian, and A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle in a three-way match to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions. Hernandez and Guerrero made their first title defense on November 11 at Turning Point, defeating Daniels and Kazarian in rematch to retain their titles. On December 9 at Final Resolution, Hernandez and Guerrero retained the World Tag Team Championship against Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan via disqualification. Hernandez and Guerrero then defeated Ryan and Morgan again on January 13, 2013, at Genesis, to retain their titles. On January 25, at the tapings of the January 31 episode of Impact Wrestling in Manchester, England, Hernandez and Guerrero lost the TNA World Tag Team Championship to Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, ending their reign at 103 days.

Hernandez and Guerrero received their rematch for the titles on March 10 at Lockdown, but were again defeated by Aries and Roode in a three-way match, also involving Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian). On following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Guerrero were set for another shot at the titles, but the two were ambushed by the Aces & Eights before the match could start. The title match took place the following week, where Hernandez and Guerrero failed again to regain the TNA World Tag Team Championship, following interference from Daniels and Kazarian. On the next episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Guerrero defeated Daniels and Kazarian to earn another shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Hernandez and Guerrero received their title shot on the April 11 episode of Impact Wrestling, where they defeated Aries and Roode in a Two-out-of-Three Falls match, with the added stipulation that they would have to break up if they lost, to regain the TNA World Tag Team Championship. On the April 25 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez and Guerrero successfully defended their titles against Aries and Roode in rematch after an inadvertent interference from Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. On June 2 at Slammiversary XI, Hernandez and Guerrero lost the TNA World Tag Team Championship to Gunner and James Storm in a fatal four-way elimination match, also involving Austin Aries and Bobby Roode and Bad Influence. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez defeated Guerrero to qualify for the 2013 Bound for Glory Series. On the July 4 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hernandez defeated Jay Bradley after an interference from Guerrero via pinfall to earn seven points in the tournament. Their alliance ended on December 19, when Guerrero was fired, and he has been inactive since.

On May 12, Hernandez was fired from TNA. According to Hernandez, TNA never notified his release and he noticed it via internet.

Hernandez made his debut for Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) on August 12, 2006, at Guerra de Titanes, appearing as a member of the rudo (heel) stable La Legión Extranjera (The Foreign Legion) in a six-man tag team match, where he, Elix Skipper and Headhunter A were defeated by El Alebrije, La Parka and Octagón via disqualification.

In early 2010 TNA restarted their working relationship with AAA in order to send Hernandez to the company for an extended stay to gain exposure in front of the Mexican audience and make him a bigger star. Hernandez returned to the company on March 12, 2010, at Rey de Reyes, entering the Rey de Reyes tournament as a surprise competitor and defeating El Elegido, Crazy Boy and Kenzo Suzuki in the semifinal four-way elimination match to make his way to the finals. Later in the night Hernandez turned rudo and once again aligned himself with La Legión Extranjera by attacking Cibernético after his match with Legión leader Konnan. In the Rey de Reyes final three-way elimination match Hernandez was the first man eliminated at the hands of Marco Corleone. Despite his elimination, Hernandez stayed at ringside and in the end cost Corleone the match against Legión member Chessman. Hernandez then began portraying an anti-Mexican character, refusing to speak or even acknowledge he could understand Spanish and doing his interviews through an interpreter. On June 6 at Triplemanía XVIII Hernandez and fellow Legión members Alex Koslov and Chessman represented referee Hijo del Tirantes in a six-man tag team steel cage match, where they defeated Heavy Metal, Octagón and Pimpinela Escarlata, representing referee Pierro, with the hair of the referees on the line. In the summer of 2010, La Legión Extranjera joined forces with Los Perros del Mal, La Milicia and Los Maniacos to form La Sociedad, under the leadership of Dorian Roldan, while Hernandez began regularly teaming with his Legión stablemate El Zorro. On August 26 Hernandez took part in a major angle, when he, Alex Koslov and Decnnis interrupted a Smashing Pumpkins concert for MTV World Stage. Hernandez went to Border Toss lead singer Billy Corgan, before being stopped and driven away by La Parka, El Mesías and Extreme Tiger. On October 1 in the main event of Héroes Inmortales IV, Hernandez represented La Sociedad in an eight-man elimination steel cage match, where he, El Zorro, Electroshock and L.A. Park were defeated by AAA representatives Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Heavy Metal and La Parka. In November, while El Zorro moved on to battling for the AAA Mega Championship, Hernandez formed a new tag team with La Legión Extranjera‘s newest member, Puerto Rican El Ilegal. On December 5 at Guerra de Titanes Hernandez and El Ilegal faced Los Maniacos (Silver King and Último Gladiador) and La Hermandad 187 (Nicho el Millonario and Joe Lider) in a ladder match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship, but were unable to capture the title. Hernandez finished his run with AAA on December 21, 2010.

On June 19, 2014, Hernandez made his Chikara debut, taking part in the 2014 King of Trios tournament alongside Chavo Guerrero and Homicide. They were defeated in their first round match by the Golden Trio (Dasher Hatfield, Icarus and Mark Angelosetti). In October 2014, Hernandez appeared in World Wrestling Council, attacking Ray Gonzalez under Ricardo Rodríguez’s orders.

Hernandez debuted on Lucha Underground in a dark match against Ricky Mandel on October 15, 2014 defeating him. Hernandez returned on other dark matches. On January 17, 2015 hernandez teamed up with Jeff Cobb defeating The Crew (Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco and Bael) on a Dark Handicap Tag 3 on 2. Then he teamed again with Jeff Cobb and Argenis defeating Mariachi Loco & Ricky Mandel & Son of Havoc on a Dark 6-Person Tag. Hernandez’s last dark match was a 5-Way match defeating Jeff Cobb, Marty Martinez, Killshot and The Mack. However Hernandez’s first televised appearance was on Episode 20 that aired on March 25, 2015. He was aligned with Konnan and Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma. However, on his first televised match Cage, King Cuerno & Texano, Jr. Defeated Hernandez, Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma on a 6-Person Tag. On April 29, 2015, Hernandez defeated King Cuerno and Cage in a Three-Way to win an opportunity for Puma’s title. On May 6, 2015, Hernandez turned on Puma when he left alone in a match against Cage and King Cuerno. On May 13, 2015, Hernandez retained his title match against Alberto el Patrón. On May 27, 2015 he unsuccessfully challenged Prince Puma for the Championship. On June 10, 2015 Drago Defeated Cage, Hernandez, King Cuerno on a Four-Way match and become the number one contender to the Lucha Underground Championship. Soon after, Hernandez faced Drago and lost via disqualification, before a rematch between the rivals would be announced for the upcoming Ultima Lucha event. A week later they both faced each other In an Atomicos Tag Team Match. Hernandez, Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo & Super Fly Defeated Aero Star, Alberto el Patrón, Drago & Sexy Star. At the first night of Ultima Lucha, Drago defeated Hernandez in a Believer’s Backlash Match.

Hernandez returned to TNA on June 24, 2015, attacking The Rising and joining The Beat Down Clan. However, in July, following a legal dispute between TNA and Lucha Underground regarding Hernandez’s contract, he was released from the company, and the Beat Down Clan was pulled from television. Hernandez had reportedly claimed he was a free agent before being signed by TNA, despite never actually receiving his release from Lucha Underground.

Hernandez was slated to return to Texas All-Star Wrestling on June 25, 2016 in Cypress, Texas. Prior to the show, he was involved in altercations with both „Killer“ Brent McKenzie and Byron „Big Daddy Yum Yum“ Wilcott. Hernandez left the building and did not compete.

Li Wei the Magistrate

Li Wei the Magistrate, also known as Li Wei Becomes an Official, is a 2001 Chinese television historical comedy-drama starring Xu Zheng as a young Li Wei, an illiterate who would become a county magistrate and one of the most prominent officials during 18th-century Qing dynasty.

A great commercial success, the series was followed by a 2004 sequel Li Wei the Magistrate II, also starring Xu, and a 2005 sequel Li Wei Resigns from Office, starring Paul Chun as an older Li. The trilogy takes place during the reigns of the Kangxi Emperor, Yongzheng Emperor, and Qianlong Emperor respectively.

The drama is usually considered the sidequel of the 1997 epic TV series Yongzheng Dynasty, returning most of its main cast in their iconic roles. However, whereas Yongzheng Dynasty is mostly based on history, Li Wei the Magistrate is almost completely fictional and includes a significant amount of comedy.

Filming began in October 2000 in Beijing. The series was first broadcast in Taiwan in August 2001. In mainland China, copyrights were sold to many TV stations, which began broadcasting it variously from September 2001 to 2002.

During the series‘ run in Beijing, Xu Zheng began to be known as „Rookie Comedy King“ (喜剧新人王). In Taiwan, he was given the nickname „mainland China’s Dicky Cheung“. Lead actress Chen Hao, then still a college student and relative unknown, saw her popularity skyrocket with the drama’s airing.


La rivière Kamo (鴨川, Kamo-gawa?, littéralement la « rivière aux canards ») est une rivière japonaise située dans la préfecture de Kyoto, dans la région du Kansai.

Les balades sur ses berges, longées par des chemins des deux côtés, sont prisés par les riverains et les touristes à Kyoto. En été, de nombreux restaurants y ouvrent leur terrasse surplombant la rivière. Le niveau de l’eau est généralement assez bas (moins d’un mètre), sauf durant la saison des pluies, si bien que des pierres forment des passages aménagés permettant de traverser à pieds à plusieurs endroits.

La source de la rivière Kamo se situe dans les montagnes aux environs du mont Sajikigatake, près de la limite entre les anciennes communes de Kumogahata et Keihoku, de nos jours les arrondissements de Ukyō-ku et Kita-ku à Kyoto. Elle descend dans le bassin de Kyoto en direction du sud-est et traverse le centre de Kyoto ; elle est rejoint par la rivière Takano puis par la Shira-kawa près du pont de Shijō. Un peu plus au sud du centre-ville, les rivières Hori et Takase la rejoignent également. Finalement, elle rencontre la rivière Katsura dans l’arrondissement de Fushimi-ku (dans la zone de Shimotoba) pour se jeter dans le fleuve Yodo (rivière Yodo, ou rivière Uji).

Une hypothèse avance qu’à l’origine, la rivière Kamo coulait le long de la rivière Hori-kawa sur environ un kilomètre et aurait été détournée de son lit principal lors de l’établissement de la capitale impériale Heian-kyō (de nos jours Kyoto) à la fin du VIIIe siècle. D’après H. E. Plutschow  : « Permettre à une rivière de traverser et donc diviser la capitale aurait potentiellement pu symboliser le désunion de la nation. Une des premières tâches lors de l’établissement de la capitale était donc de déplacer la rivière. Son lit coupait auparavant l’actuelle rue Horikawa et rencontrait la rivière Takano plus au sud. Ainsi, des travaux importants étaient requis pour préparer le terrain de la capitale. La cité avait pour frontière nord la confluence entre les rivière Kamo et Takano (juste au sud de l’actuelle rue Imadegawa). »

Les berges où les rivières Kamo et Takano se rejoignent sont connues sous le nom de « berge de la rivière Tadasu » (糺河原, Tadasu-gawara?) ; à cet endroit formant un triangle se trouve le Shimogamo-jinja (sanctuaire shinto) en bordure de la forêt sacrée Tadasu no Mori.

En kanji japonais, le nom de la rivière s’écrit 鴨川 (Kamo-gawa) : le premier kanji (kamo) signifie « canard sauvage », et le second (gawa) « rivière ». D’autres graphies existent : 賀茂川 et 加茂川. Le premier document historique mentionnant la graphie 賀茂川 est le Yamashiro no kuni fudoki (山城国風土記). Le Nihonkiryaku (日本記略), dans une entrée datée du 19e jour du 6e mois de l’an 815, emploie la graphie 鴨川. De nos jours, la partie nord de la rivière jusqu’à la confluence avec la rivière Takano est souvent distinguée par la graphie 加茂川, tandis que la partie au sud porte la graphie 鴨川.

La zone nommée Kamigamo, proche de l’embouchure de la vallée menant au bassin de Kyoto, était le cœur du territoire du clan Kamo (賀茂) dans l’ancien temps. Le nom géographique associé à la région puis à la rivière en dérive.

Au nord de Kyoto, entre les ponts Deai et Iwara, la rivière s’appelle aussi Kumogahata-gawa (雲が畑川) du nom du village Kumogahata qu’elle traverse. Depuis la source jusqu’au pont Iwara, la rivière est connue sous le nom d’Ojitani-gawa (祖父谷川).

Lors de l’établissement de la capitale Heian (Kyoto de nos jours) au VIIIe siècle, le lit de la rivière a été détournée pour couler à l’est du palais.

Les inondations causées par la rivière menaçaient régulièrement la capitale. L’empereur Shirakawa disait que seules trois choses étaient imprévisibles : les sōhei (moines guerriers de l’Enryaku-ji), les dés et les eaux de la rivière Kamo. De nos jours, ses rives sont renforcées par du béton et les systèmes de drainage ont été améliorés. Au début du XVIIe siècle, le marchand Suminokura Ryōi fit aménager le canal Takase parallèlement à la rivière Kamo pour le transport et le commerce.

La fameuse légende de la rencontre entre Minamoto no Yoshitsune et Benkei sur le pont Gojō (pas l’actuel pont portant ce nom, peut-être plutôt le pont Matsubara) est rapportée depuis la fin de l’époque de Heian. Le pont de Sanjō (Sanjō Ōhashi) était considéré comme la fin de la route du Tōkaidō à l’époque d’Edo.

La rivière Kamo, en particulier le pont de Sanjō qui l’enjambe et qui constitue la fin du Tōkaidō, sont le sujet de peintures et d’estampes, par exemple la Biographie illustrée du moine itinérant Ippen (rouleau VII) ou Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō (estampe 55).

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Tatiana Vedenska

Tatiana Vedenska (Russian: Татьяна Евгеньевна Веденская; 15 July 1976) is a widely known Russian writer, and novelist.

Tatiana was born in Moscow into the family of an engineer. Her great grandfather on her mother’s side was Sergey Vasilievich Baskakov, the Russian composer, a nobleman. Her great grandmother was a Polish gipsy. When Tatiana was 16 years old, her parents divorced. Tatiana left home and became a street musician. She travelled from city to city with her boyfriend, who was also a musician. They stayed at the houses of friends and played guitar. At 18 Tatiana got married, and soon gave birth to her eldest daughter Margarita. Because of her husband’s lifestyle, the marriage was unsuccessful and ended in divorce. Tatiana tried many different jobs. She sang on the streets, worked as an insurance agent, and was a barmen in one of Moscow’s theaters. She also worked as a university secretary and laboratory assistant. Eventually she became a real estate agent and continued working in this area for ten years, until she decided to write her first book. Tatiana is currently in her second marriage. She has three kids, Margarita, Anastasia and Anthony.

Tatiana’s first novel, called “The peculiarities of the women’s charm” (Особенности женского шарма) was published by a small Moscow publishing company in 2005, after they received it through the Internet. One year later she began working with the famous Russian literary agent Nathan Zablotski, and the biggest Russian publishing company Eksmo. Tatiana is the author of more than twenty five novels. Her total books sales have reached 2 500 000 copies. In 2008 the novel „Don’t rush the love“ was taken as a story base for the TV movie with the same name (original „Не торопи любовь“). Also three contracts were signed with NTV-Profit Company. They represent the movies: “The peculiarities of the women’s charm”, “The ambitious girl” (Девушка с амбициями) and “The little women” (Маленькая женщина). In 2014 the novel „Love doesn’t mean happiness“ (original „Не в парнях счастье“) was taken as a story base for the TV movie with the same name. Not only in Russia Tatiana Vedenska is a popular writer. Her books are in a large display in stores throughout Russia. in the USA, on the Internet. In 2008 Tatiana visited the USA. She was meeting her readers in the Russian bookstore on Briton beach street, New York. In 2008 she was interviewed by the Davidson radio as a famous Russian writer. The same meetings are going to take place in 2010 Many times Tatiana has been a contestant of The Literary Exhibitions and The International Festivals. . One of the best Tatiana’s books called „One woman’s Divorce“ is available in English.” In 2013 Tatiana Vedenska was invited to lead a broadcast show called “Bestseller school”. As a leader of this show, during next half of a year, Tatiana Vedenska has guided listeners how to successfully write a book, has been exchanging some ideas with the audience, and has answered their questions. After the show end, a book named “A knight of nowadays” has been published. Some ideas for this book have been created by Tatiana during this “Bestseller school” show.

Movies based on the books:

• “Don’t rush love” (Не торопи любовь) 2008

• “Love doesn’t mean happiness” (Не в парнях счастье) 2014

Series “Under the shining sun”

• “Make a wish” (Загадай желание”) 2014

• “A knight of nowadays” (Рыцарь нашего времени) 2014

• “Ash blonde” (Пепельный блондин) 2013

• “The kept woman” (Содержанки) 2013

• “Genius. A love story” (Гений или история любви) 2012

• “Virtual connections” (Виртуальные связи) 2012

• “Bad girls” (Плохие девочки) 2011


• “A question about real estate” (Квартирный вопрос или байки черного маклера) 2011

In foreigh languages

• “One woman’s divorce” 2012

• Брачен Маратон (Bulgaria, Sofia) 2008

Series “For particular women”

• “This is man’s world” (Это мужской мир, подруга) 2011

• “The green porch” (Зеленый подъезд) 2011

• “Love doesn’t mean happiness” (Не в парнях счастье) 2011

• “Man are like kids” (Мужчины как дети) 2010

• “Too much for one’s husband” (Муж объелся груш) 2010

• “Wish you the best, my darling” (Счастья тебе, дорогуша) 2010

• “Surprise for my lover” (Сюрприз для любимого) 2010

• “Think that’s love?” (Думаешь, это любовь?) 2010

• “Dreaming about someone like you” (Мечтать о такой как ты…) 2009

• “My charming boss” (Мой шикарный босс) 2009

• “ I’ll find you anyway” (Я все равно тебя найду) 2009

• “The peculiarities of the women’s charm” (Основы женского шарма) 2009

• «One woman’s divorce” (История одного развода) 2009

• “A respectable affair” (Измена в рамках приличий) 2009

• “Tiny woman” (Маленькая женщина) 2009

• “My husband’s wedding” (Свадьба моего мужа) 2009

• “My favorite march” (Любимый мотив Мендельсона) 2009

• “Don’t rush love” (Не торопи любовь) 2008

• “The ambitious girl” (Девушка с амбициями) 2008

• “The peculiarities of the women’s charm” (Under the title “Three recipes about happiness”) 2005, Stolitsa-Print

Belle Meade Apartments

The Belle Meade Apartments is a historic building in Belle Meade, Tennessee near Nashville, USA.

The building is located at 715 Belle Meade Boulevard in Belle Meade, a city near Nashville, Tennessee. It stands opposite the Belle Meade Country Club.

The three-storey building was completed in 1917. It was designed in the Tudor Revival architectural style by architect Edwin Dougherty. It was built with investment from Albert Sidney Britt and Herbert H. Corson, two Nashville businessmen and early promoters of the new community of Belle Meade. Prominent tenants included William Jackson Elliston and James Cowdon Bradford, Sr. (the founder of J.C. Bradford & Co.), Charles Davitt, Joseph Toy Howell, Sr. (the president of the Cumberland Valley National Bank), etc.

In 1919, Herbert H. Corson purchased the building. After his death, it was inherited by his descendants.

It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since April 19, 1984.

René Berger

René Berger, né le à Bruxelles et mort le à Lausanne, est un écrivain, philosophe, historien de l’art et sémiologue suisse. C’est le père de Jacques-Edouard Berger ().

René Berger, ancien directeur-conservateur du Musée cantonal des beaux-arts de Lausanne de 1962 à 1981, professeur honoraire à l’Université de Lausanne est aussi poète. Critique d’art reconnu, il est l’auteur de nombreuses études sur la peinture, les technologies informatiques et la communication. Il met en place, dès 1973, l’un des premiers cours sur les mass media.

Fondateur du mouvement culturel „Pour l’art“ et directeur de la revue du même nom, il fonde aussi le „Salon international de Galeries-Pilotes“. René Berger est également le concepteur-réalisateur des colloques du „VideoFestival international de Locarno“.

Président d’honneur de l’Association internationale des critiques d’art (AICA) et de l’Association internationale pour la vidéo dans les arts et la culture (AIVAC). Expert consultant auprès de l’Unesco et du Conseil de l’Europe. Membre du „Kuratorium du Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie“ (Karlsruhe). Membre de l’Académie du Centre international d’art contemporain du château de Beychevelle (groupe GMF, France, groupe Suntory, Japon).

Parmi les nombreuses distinctions reçues par René Berger figurent le Prix de poésie de l’Université de Lausanne, le prix Follope en 1943, le prix Umberto Biancamano en 1979, (décerné à cent personnalités européennes ayant particulièrement contribué au développement du concept d’unité européenne), le Laser d’or du Festival d’Art Vidéo de Locarno en 1987 « pour la permanente vivacité de sa pensée, sa générosité et l’activité mise au service du Festival d’Art Vidéo de Locarno et de l’AIVAC, ainsi que pour ses initiatives sur le plan international consacrées à l’exploration et à l’avancement des nouvelles technologies ».

Les archives personnelles de René Berger sont déposées aux Archives cantonales vaudoises, fonds qui reflètent ses affaires professionnelles et publiques.

Après avoir été au lycée Berthollet à Annecy, il étudie au l’École supérieure de commerce de Lausanne (1931-1933). En juin 1934, il est nommé sous-secrétaire au département justice et police du Canton de Vaud. Dès janvier 1936, il se prépare aux examens d’entrée à l’Université de Lausanne, où il poursuivra des études de lettres (1938-1941). De 1941 à 1943, il enseigne à l’École de commerce de La Neuveville, puis il devient chargé de cours à l’École supérieure de commerce de Lausanne jusqu’en 1956. En juin de la même année, il est nommé professeur à l’École Cantonale de dessin et d’art art appliqué où il enseignera le français, l’histoire générale et l’histoire de l’art, et est chargé de cours à la faculté des Lettres à l’Université de Lausanne où il proposera un cours d’introduction à l’histoire de l’art et d’esthétique.

De 1962 à 1981, il est directeur du Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne.

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